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Why Amaechi Stops Work in Rivers, by PDP

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November 20, 2013


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Written by Akanimo Sampson

Rivers State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Felix Obuah, has advanced reasons behind the barrage of work free days in the state.
On the midnight of Thursday, November 14, Governor Chibuike Amaechi, according to the PDP boss, declared Friday, November 15, and Monday, November 18, as public holidays.
But on Monday, November 18, at about 8pm, government extended the work free days to Friday November 22, ”without justification, other than to obstruct the course of justice in Rivers State”.
In a statement emailed to ”PDP has it on good authority, that Governor Amaechi had within the past two months attempted to dictate to some magistrates and judges, and indeed, judicial officers in the state on how to go about handling all political cases which has revealed his insistence on having Justice Peter N. C. Agumagu as Acting Chief Judge of the state without regard to laid down rules and against all wise counsel.

”Judges and magistrates we know are on oath to deliver justice to all, irrespective of who is involved and have always stood their grounds to do only what is right, fair and just in the eyes of the law, but to Amaechi this is unacceptable and must be thwarted to suit his whims and caprices.

”Amaechi had used all tactics including financial inducements and executive orders to his aides and some council chairmen/caretakers to cast aspersions on some magistrates and judges who are seen to have insisted on doing the right thing. This fact is not lost on us as well.
”The reason given about the ongoing work free days is political and diversionary.

”Governor Amaechi claimed the city of Port Harcourt just turned 100 years. We do not know which day in the year, 2013 that the city of Port Harcourt turned 100 years. Does it mean, every day in the year 2013 is an anniversary for Port Harcourt?

”What activities of the celebrations are still ongoing.
”Since 1967, when Rivers was created, we have not seen such abuse of work free days as we have seen in the last one week.
”We also have it on good authority that the work free days shall continue even after this week. Governor Amaechi has once again, by the declaration of these work free days demonstrated the crass impunity that characterizes his governance, even his comprador supporters that cut across the All Progressives Congress (APC) and his G-7 colleagues have blindly refused to acknowledge this fact as they fester on resources of Rivers.

”The colossal loss on the state as a result of these work free days, which may be extended according to information available to us, after this week is unimaginable.
”Our children are kept at home from schools, academic calendars have been altered. Our hospitals remain closed and tens of millions of naira accruable to the state within this period are lost.
”We shall prosecute Governor Amaechi for genocide for any loss of lives and property as a result of these senseless public holidays.

”Innocent citizens seeking justice are being denied their rights even those awaiting trial in prisons still remain incarcerated unjustly. Court rulings and judgments are stalled and rights and privileges of citizens are abused.
”Governor Amaechi at the State Executive Council meeting on Monday, November 18, informed his cabinet members that the reason for the work free days is to stall the judgement to be delivered by Hon Justice Iyayi Lamikanra challenging the illegal dissolution of the elected executives of Obio/Akpor Local Government Council and the constitution of Caretaker Committee to run the affairs of the council.
”The governor said he has deployed enough tactics and resources to coerce and blackmail the said judge in order that she may hands off the case.

”As part of the game plan, the so called chairman of Obio/Akpor Local Government Council Caretaker Committee, Mr Chikordi Dike addressed the press yesterday and attempted to drag the name of the judge and the judiciary into the muds. We condemn this action in the strongest of terms.
”The same Amaechi is in the Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt attempting to scuttle the judgment which is yet to be delivered. The matter comes up this Thursday, 21st November 2013.
”Amaechi, why suffer innocent Rivers people with holidays for your selfish interest in a matter before the court? Why not wait for the outcome of the cases, rather than attempt to truncate the course of justice?
”What this tells all of us is that the unending public holidays are not unconnected with failed attempts by Governor Amaechi to subvert the course of justice. What a celebration of impunity?
”Governor Amaechi in his fragrant display of ineptitude and incompetence in governance has shut down the Rivers State House of Assembly since July this year. Now it is the turn of Rivers State Judiciary.
”Where are the Elders of Rivers? Where are the human rights activists? Where are the labour leaders? Where are the Nobel laureates? Where are the professors of virology?
”Their silence is indeed deafening. The people of Rivers must rise up now with one voice and shout “No” to this impunity by Amaechi and his acolytes.
”This is the time for the real revolution.

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