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Water Ministry pleged to Effective Leadership Towards Sector Reform

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July 17, 2013


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The Minister of Water Resources, Mrs. Sarah Reng Ochekpe has pledged to provide the leadership and effectively collaborate with the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) in reviewing the policies, legal and regulatory framework and implement the reforms in the water sector of the economy as part of the President Goodluck’s transformation agenda.
She made the pledge when a team led by the Director-General of the Bureau went on a working visit.
She noted that her Ministry was particularly committed to providing an enabling environment to attract private sector investments to improve service coverage and enhance efficient service delivery from water facilities.
Mrs. Ochekpe noted that to realize these objectives, her Ministry had established River Basins Operations and Inspectorate Unit as well as Water Sector Reform and a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit to coordinate all the reform activities in the Ministry.
She added that the Ministry had also embarked on policy review of previous water reform policies.
Earlier, the Director General of BPE, Mr. Benjamin Dikki briefed the Minister on the approval of the NCP to review the policies and legal/regulatory framework of the water sector to restructure and reform the RBDAs and resuscitate them and reposition them to be able to realize the objectives for which they were originally established.
He said the reforms would provide the enabling environment for the private sector to participate in the water sector of the economy, thereby supporting the realization of the goals and objectives of the Federal Government’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda.
The Committee is tasked with the:
The review of all past reports and recommendations on partial commercialization of the RBDAs from 1988 to date;
Identify all key issues, such as funding, policy and regulatory environments, technical and other economic factors that may hinder successful partial commercialization of the RBDAs; Draw up a partial commercialization framework for RBDAs; Monitor the partial commercialization process; Review all previous National Water Resources Policies, Legal and Regulatory Framework; and Identify specific activities for partial commercialization/PPP.
The DG also reported that NCP had also approved the Project Advisory Team with the responsibility to review previous policies, legal and regulatory frameworks of RBDAs and the water sector in general and come up with a new policy, legal and regulatory framework that will provide an enabling environment f rte private sector to participate in the operation of the RBDAs.
It would be recalled that NCP constituted the Steering Committee on RBDAs at its 55th Meeting held in September 2008, with the Minister of Water Resources as the Chairman, with a clear mandate to drive the reform process of the RBDAs

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