WATCH OUT-Dr. Okenwa Nwosu will be RBi special guest on Dec 20, 2017

Dr. Okenwa Nwosu will be RBi special guest on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 starting at 12noon Biafran time.

Dr. Okenwa Nwosu is a signatory to the Washington Bulletin of September 6, 2017 that gave birth to the Lower Niger Independence Movement (LONIM).

Stay tuned to RBi to listen to this erudite and accomplished professional as he educates us on that epochal event/document of June 1, 1969 and it’s implications on self determination/sovereignty of the Peoples  of the Lower Niger Region who are identified within the 1885 map of Africa.

During the broadcast, you can call or send whatsapp messages, with the questions you have for Dr. Okenwa Nwosu, on the following telephone number: +1 832-784-4662.


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