Sunday , 3 April 2016
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Unbelievable! Wike Keeps Private Army of Hoodlums-Senator Abe

Unbelievable! Wike Keeps Private Army of Hoodlums-Senator Abe

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the Rivers South-East Senatorial District re-run election has accused Gov. Nyesom Wike of keeping and maintaining a private army of hoodlums to further his political interest in Rivers South-East Senatorial District.


Speaking at Wave FM 91.7 news and current affairs programme tagged: “Crux of the Matter”, Abe said that the criticism against the presence of Nigerian Army in the District and other parts of Rivers State by the governor and the PDP was to ensure that the Army withdraw for his private army to take over and give cover to the manipulation of the March 19 re-run election.


“There are two armies in Rivers State as we speak. There is the Nigerian Army that is under the command of President Muhammed Buhari and then there is an army of gangsters and criminals that is commanded by Gov. Wike. So, all these noise you are hearing are blackmail against the Nigerian Army. It is just designed to blackmail the Army into withdrawing from the March 19 elections so that their own army can operate the way they operated the last time. There is nothing else that the army has done to deserve the kind of blackmail that is going on”.


Speaking further, Abe said that the security situation at Bori was bad to the extent that market women could hardly withdraw money from the bank without hoodlums attacking and dispossessing them of their life savings.


“If you go to Bori today, a lot of the women who sell in the market don’t even use the banks in Bori. In a minute or two, people are after you with guns to collect your money. The entire area has been rendered unsafe by criminals affiliated to ex-militant, Solomon Ndigbara”, he said.


He added that Solomon Ndigbara ran a ring of criminal gangsters operating freely in Ogoni, which affects business, law and order.


Senator Abe stated that the activities of Ndigbara was being sponsored and supported by the governor to enable him stop him at all cost from winning the election without minding the consequences of his action on the ordinary man in the street who could not sleep with his two eyes closed.


He said that he had never had any political relationship with Ndigbara because of his criminal behaviour.


“I have no relationship with Solomon Ndigbara. This is a man that has been involved in a lot of criminal activities around the Ogoni. His antecedents are not hidden. What is surprising to me is that people will see evil and keep quiet. There was an incident that happened sometime ago in which two gentle men who left a meeting in my house were summarily executed and their wives clearly said that Solomon Ndigbara was responsible for the death of their husbands and I have told him I would have nothing to do with him until he resolves that issue with those families. So, from that time till today, I have had nothing absolutely to do with Ndigbara”.