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How to Stop Incessant Killings by Fulani Herdsmen

Amidst the flow of blood inflicted upon totally unarmed natives by Fulani Militia, marauding as “Herdsmen” in ancestral homelands in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Edo, Abia, Ekiti, Delta, Enugu, Plateau, Kwara and elsewhere; the absolute refusal and spoken reluctance of the Fulani President/Commander-In-Chief of “Nigeria’s” Armed Forces to take any steps to halt the carnage, this Representative stood at the Plenary, in Nigeria’s House of Representative, Abuja, to declare that the Fulani places more value on the life of their cows than the life of humans and that the rest of us in Nigeria must understand that that is the way God made them. Two days before, the same President had admonished the distressed Benue Delegation that came to discuss the brazen ethnic cleansing, (led by Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom), who met with him in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja, to accommodate their Fulani brethren “in the name of God”.

The Fulani Inspector-General of Nigeria Police had the week before attempted to dismiss the wanton killings in Benue as Intra-Community strife while the Fulani-led “Federal Government of Nigeria” has studiously maintained the false narrative of “Routine Farmers/Herdsmen Clashes” as against the self-evident ethnic cleansing and land grabbing being executed with heavily armed Fulani Militia.

The attacks have continued unabated, with Governors from the 12-State Contiguous Sharia Caliphate Territory of Northern Nigeria, insisting that there will be letting in the Fulani Militia bloody rampage unless CATTLE COLONIES were established for them throughout Nigeria.

In the meantime, the Fulani-Controlled INEC rolled out Election Timetable for 2019, registering 21 new Political Parties in one swoop, all in the attempt to railroad Nigeria to an Election that would be conducted with the Fulani-Imposed Master-Servant 1999 Constitution at a time the rest has repudiated and rejected that fraudulent, obnoxious Constitution 1999 the basis of Nigeria and its so-called “Democracy”. The Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger, April 27, 2015 in Port Harcourt, declared this Repudiation and Rejection for Eastern Half of Southern Nigeria while the Solemn Assembly of the Yoruba in Ibadan, September 7, 2017 Declared this Repudiation and Rejection for Yorubaland. The Middle Belt openly committed to going wherever the South goes on the issue of Nigeria’s continuing coexistence.

The LNC posits that just as it was self-evidently impossible to operate Democracy and the Rule of Law with the then Boer-Imposed Apartheid Constitution of South Africa, it is today self-evidently impossible to operate any Democracy or Rule of Law with the Fulani-Imposed Master-Servant 1999 Constitution of Nigeria. Accordingly, the LNC holds that the journey to the so-called 2019 Election is a desperate attempt by the Fulani to hypnotize the rest of Nigeria with the blackmail of
“Democracy” while it rapidly advances its violent CONQUEST, ISLAMIZATION and COLONIZATION Agenda in 2018.

The Political Merchants and Party Proprietors from Southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt, who join the Fulani to cling tenaciously to the rejected 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria, its Democracy and Elections in 2019, should know it now that they are holding the ladder for the Fulani to climb over and Colonize the whole of Nigeria. Such Political Merchants, across all Parties in Nigeria, from the South and Middle Belt must be clear in their minds and prepared to take full personal responsibility for their roles in the bloodsoaked criminality of running Nigeria with the fraudulent Master-Servant Constitution 1999, when things snap. Their guilt is complete for seeking political power under the 1999 Constitution at a time the People in whose name they claim to act are seeking extrication from the Fulani enslavement enabled by the 1999 Constitution.

We must now draw the line between life and death by helping halt further preparations towards 2019 Election and push for Referendum immediately to determine the future of our People. Anything less is in support of the enemy and self-serving but responsiblity will attach.


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