A Satire on The Successful Igboman

“Njakiri laa azu…..
Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma of Innoson Motors’s crimes are too many!
How can he alone import 25 containers of CSDK motorbikes and not expect Nigeria Customs Service to help him in the sales?
Own the first motor manufacturing company in Nigeria and instead of investing it all in the North or Lagos, he selfishly took it to Nnewi his village.. Òdi Nma laidat??
How can he be that rich not to allow Northerners get a hold of his business like they did to Ibeto Cement and sent him down. What’s Innoson even saying? Does he prefer the CARDIAC arrest they gave Ibeto to his small EFCC arrest?? How can Innocent take to Igbo Land the biggest motor industry in Africa?
What rubbish! He was allowed to manufacture shoes. Yes akpu ukwu!! That Igbo Man nonsense extra sense in him came in. He moved to bicycles. Next cars. Next car manufacturing!
They should stop him! That guy is going to aircraft manufacturing if you blink away!..
That’s why I always Onye Igbo is the problem of Nigeria. Give them small “Allow” they will gun for “Allowance!”. Sincerely, Ife N’eme Si Anyi N’aka..
Imagine while we are building, developing and living in Abuja, Lekki, Banana Island etc.. Innocent and his Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Innocently went to Ogbaete and Nike coal mines to live. How does Igbo land befit such luxurious home.. Negodu country Home.. Is that not looking like Biafra government house?
Thank God EFCC has gone to kidnap him to town. He must close that factory without facts and factor in the North. That business must include a Mustapha or Abubakar or Asiwaju.. He can’t be brewing all those Okeke and Okafor there and expect us to look on. He is not Dangote.
How am I even sure he is not the one sponsoring IPOB. He must come under our radar. He is a terrorist. Yes! His charges in court must reach 100. So we can kill his image, home and abroad.
Imagine a man we gave 5% tax.. He almost went larger than life.. He never visited Emirs and Sultanas. Izzit normal? You check it yourself..
This is the story of an Igbo man. Put less blame on GTBank and EFCC. There must be a stooge to every hit. GTBank SL has no option than to play the script they got. They did not sell Innoson’s goods, nor take him to court, nor called police for him.. Nigeria, the north and there agencies are at war with Innoson.
This is how one Nigeria works, yet efulefus will stick to their gullibility of PDP vs APC.
~Edwin Bishop”

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