Patience Jonathan’s Abuja Property Demolished By FCTA

Former First Lady, Patience Jonathan’s property located in Abuja was on Tuesday demolished by the Development Control Department of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

The property which is located along Shehu Yar’Adua Way, Mabushi–Kado–Life Camp expressway in the federal capital, was bulldozed over non-approval.

The lawyer in charge of the property, Emmanuel Anene, who confirmed the development to newsmen, expressed shock over the demolition of the building, saying issues concerning the building were still in court.

“Sometime before, people from Development Control came to the site, alleging that there was no approval for the building.

“We met them at their office and showed them the approval, which they accepted. We thought that the matter was over.

“They had earlier gone to court with an application for forfeiture of the property to the government which they failed to achieve at the Lagos High Court.

“So we were surprised that a team came in this afternoon without notifying us to remove the structure.

“Also, we were not served with any notice for demolition, they just came in now and started the demolition of the structure,’’ Anene said.

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