Oped: My wish For Nigeria .


                                                                                            BY FRIDAY OLOKO

During my days as an undergraduate, my activities-

 in campus Journalism was like that of a COBRA. Apart from keeping a DATELINE of global history, I was a constant MONITOR of The NATION and gave oppressive regimes THE PUNCH they deserve. For all these, I received OVATION and TRIUMPH over forces of darkness.  

One day, I will TELL all THE NEWS of how the TIMES tried to bring back a lost heritage. I promise that in later years, I will dump my past and become a NEW NIGERIAN that will be in the VANGUARD of THE NEWS to better THE COUNTRY. I pray to remain THE GUARDIAN Angel that will TELL stories about how a nationalist became a CHAMPION in the agitation for Nigeria to be INDEPENDENT. 

As THE OBSERVER of the unfolding drama towards 2019 which has reached its TEMPO, my prayer is that the THE SUN should shine on our country for a DEMOCRAT to take over THE LEADERSHIP in our NATIONAL INTEREST because Nigeria is TELEGRAPH through which the world see Africa.    

By then, all relics of militarism would give way for THE ECONOMIST. For now, Nigerians should choose THISDAY who should be their leaders. 

But in doing that, Nigerian journalists should not TRUST politicians in our determination to defend THE REPUBLIC but should always CHRONICLE and give a DAILY SKETCH of their activities because the day of judgement will come through TRIBUNE. As my Bureau Chief will say, let us MONITOR our beats and leave the rest to God.

@@@: Friday OLOKOR, is a Nigerian Journalist with THE PUNCH…

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