Has Okowa’s Government Been Hijacked?

The Looming Danger Ahead……
In the midst of the present economic downturn that is affecting the
nation,resulting to meager allocation coming to Delta state from the FAAC, lies the negative trend of milking the state coffers dry by the Governor Okowa’s kitchen cabinet member regarded as Okowa’s closest aides or top forces in the Okowa Political family who are going about in the illicit act of acquiring multi expensive properties worth millions or billions of Naira through the sales of contracts, appointment positions and illegal hoarding and diversion of Government facilities.
The Okowa’s Smart Agenda with the Prosperity for all Deltans mantra which the Government was christened/themed, was perceived to be a right peg in a right hole to salvage the state as direction of achieving the overall economic and socio-political balance and growth of the state. All this initiatives as earlier proposed by Okowa is currently facing major setbacks and is at the verge of absolute derailment as a result of the excesses of the people running the affairs with him or rather his kitchen cabinet members with majority of them his kinsmen, who as usual has hijacked every forms and functions of which the Government exists, milk drying the state resources, diverting it to their personal
Even as Governor Okowa is busy setting up strategies,initiatives and good developmental policies to move the state forward by driving the economic growth of the state, some of the custodians in his Government are in the move to jeopardize his mission,truncating his ideas, destroying his image all for selfish gains.
Mr. Ifeanyi Egboibe the director of protocol to Governor Okowa is involved in the illegal sales of the petrochemical products meant for Government usage, he and his accomplices are hoarding fuel and petroleum products at the state petrol product dump, and diverting this products to associate marketing filling stations
in Asaba, making fuel and other petroleum products scarce or unavailable to users. Major ministries, parastatals, drivers of Government vehicles who were supposed to be the primary users of this products, usually find it difficult to obtain the products as result of the illegal hoarding and diversion. One of the filling station pointed in this dubious act is the Anioma petroleum in Asaba owned by one of Egboibe’s financiers, Mr. Sylvester Ukwandi.
Another reliable source confirmed that Mr. Egboibe recently acquired a sixty acres of land and is currently siting a mega mechanized farm which has gulped to the tune of some billions of naira joining that with the acquiring of choice properties in Asaba and other places, Mr. Ifeanyi Egboibe who does not take calls from people of his constituency especially those who stood by him in rain and sun in the days of piloting the Otu-Umunne pressure group during electioneering periods is also said to be building a house for one of his girlfriend in Asaba, wasting Government’s money on footing hotel bills in Elomaz hotel (his new home)
as he is always found in the hotel hanging out and lavishing money on his numerous girlfriends, all with the allocation and tax payer money of the state.
The Okowa-plus youth empowerment program or rather the wealth creation scheme that was intended to be fair and beneficial to Deltans has also been hijacked and altered by the people coordinating the scheme. Kingsley emu, the commissioner for economic planning, is one of the men championing the scheme and diverting funds
meant for the overall functions of the scheme. He has also hijacked the job of the commissioner for finance and he is in full control of the finance ministry leaving the office of Mr. David Edevbie who was appointed to head the finance ministry as commissioner irrelevant. He is busy buying expensive properties worth hundreds of millions of Naira all over the place with money meant for the creating of wealth and empowerment of youths. To be frank, not everyone is surprised at this dubious acts of the man judging from his antecedents of an ex-banker whose banking service led to massive fraud and the liquidation of the bank he served.
Hon Victor Nwokolo, the member representing Ika federal constituency at the National Assembly, who is one of the top forces at the Okowa Political family, has left his legislative duties in the house of representative Abuja and relocated to Asaba and has been active in the milking of the state coffers dry through lobbying, handling, selling and padding of major Government contracts in
the state which he is making large fortunes from, the idle lawmaker is still acquiring expensive properties in Asaba, Lagos, Abuja and in abroad.
Mr Ifeanyi Nwachukwu who is popularly called Ify bros, a contractor turned billionaire has just completed his state of the modern art mansion in Asaba and two other massive duplexes are under construction while he is still being lavished with turns of contracts and deals from the state coffers which the precedes are being shared by him and his rest associates.
Uncovered also is another member of the Governor Okowa kitchen cabinet, Raymond Mgbakor who is also Senior special assistant SSA to Okowa on special duties. He is said to be siting a five star hotel in Asaba which is estimated to worth hundreds of millions of naira and the said hotel is nearing completion stage.
A reliable source under anonymity confirmed that the Secretary to the Delta state Government Hon. Ovie Agas is bitterly complaining of how his duties as the SSG of the state has been hijacked and run by this people who are said to be closer to the Governor and this is causing a major crack in the administrative functions of
the Government.
Chief. Lawrence Oshiegbu who is well known for his selfish and greedy style of leadership was a two time commissioner under previous administrations, having benefited from Okowa’s political leadership over the years gaining positions and appointments under Okowa’s slot in past administrations, has never empowered his kinsmen or the youths of his locality. This man who is always seen around the Governor, like the rest of his associates is still involved in the milking the state coffers dry and he is said to be building a massive mansion in Asaba that is nearly in completion and the high expensive mansion is said to worth hundreds
of million naira.
If we may ask, if Oshiegbu was to be the Governor of Delta state, will Okowa near the Govt house???
A Government that is been termed as a “NO MONEY” Government is displaying excessive fraud, misappropriation of funds, illegal diverting of Government properties for personal enrichment, this fraudulent style of leadership is not in any way bridging the gap between Government accountability to its people. The Okowa Govt should also realize that when former Governor Ibori assumed seat as Governor in 1999, the then budget of the state didn’t exceed 150 billion Naira and a barrel of Oil was sold for $28 dollars, How can a Government with about 265 billion Naira in budget still complaining of no money to fund major landmark projects while it’s custodians are in the business of emptying the treasury, living lavish lifestyles and acquiring expensive properties around even when it is clear that their salary per annum is below 5million Naira. Who are they fooling.???
Another questions that comes in mind is to ask why the Governor Okowa’s Govt has failed to probe his predecessor Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan despite the general knowledge that the previous administration was marred with excess fraud and diversion of Government funds and resources leaving the state in great indebtedness and financial weakness.
For how long will our Government stop the act of neglecting the cries of the masses and parading and celebrating criminals around, for how long will our Government learn to offer effective leadership built on the principles of fairness, credibility, transparency and accountability to the people.??
As there is hunger and suffering in the land, abject poverty befalling the people, youths joblessness and unemployment, restiveness as a result of the present economic recession faced by the nation or even the state, This Okowa’skitchen cabinet men are having a swell time in doing what they know best, siphoning, misappropriation and diverting of Government resources and funds meant for the development and the total well being of the general masses who voted the
Government in power, they are also selling Political positions, major contracts, government facilities to top highest bidders as observed that majority of the Governors aide were never at the field during electioneering period, or even were people who worked against Okowa emerging as Governor, but managed to get
positions due to their financial capability to lobby and aquire their
appointments through sales from members of the kitchen cabinet. This has not only sabotaged credibility in leadership but brought about neglect on top crusaders for the Okowa Governorship seat.
Lastly, a word of advice for Governor Okowa; If the Governor of Delta state, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa, so desires continuity in Governance, he is to checkmate or rather correct the excesses, abolish the ugly trend and illicit acts that exist among his close aides as any fraudulent activities traced to this aides negatively rubs up on his personality and image and this is not working in line with the purpose and promises he made to the people who voted for him, because to be frank and sincere, people are
not really happy with his Government especially with the lavish lifestyle and fraudulent activities of his kitchen cabinet aides during this economic challenges and 2019 will be a fierce battle for him to retain position as the opposition party in the state are warming up, strategizing to wrestle power from him, they will find strength by capitalizing on the mistake and excesses of its Govt. But if the Governor don’t so desires continuity, he is still also required to correct the ugly menace because posterity will forever judge the way he administered the state.

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