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Nigeria @ 54: Our Unity is Strength

October 1st, 2014 | by Watchdog Reporters

The Independence Day celebration is a very important occasion, on the yearly calendar of sovereign nations. This celebration should be a period when we reaffirm our commitment and loyalty to the continued existence of Nigeria our great country. Though we are currently going through challenges as a country, our ability to tackle situations and still maintain our unity, is a lesson many countries long to learn.


Our current security challenges and our increased ethnic bias are just a few of the horrors hitting us as a nation, but they are also here haunting the world in general. The Scottish referendum and the rise in Islamist extremist terrorism tell us so. These trials will pass, and not only increase our experience, but also make us stronger as a nation. Our collective will, can go a long way to create a Nigeria of our dreams; therefore as Nigerians we should put all our differences aside and strive to build a better Nigeria.

In this political season, it is important that the spirit of independence guides us all in our decisions and actions. We should all realise that the unity of Nigeria comes before any ambition or dream. Our love for the country should be displayed in our love for democracy, and our love for democracy should be evident in the fourth coming elections. Let us all get involved in the electioneering process and rather than backstabbing to gain political relevance, propagate the achievements, ‎and breakthroughs we as a country have achieved to encourage the generation behind us.

Nigeria is 54, but our unity needs to be made stronger. Be you Black or White, Hausa or Ijaw, Christian or Muslim; the fact remains that Nigeria as one indivisible body ordained by God, favors you more than a divided one. Nigeria is great and with all our support, it will increase in Greatness.

God bless you all, and‎

God bless Nigeria


-Prince Tonye Princewill‎


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