New York explosion: Bomb blast’ injures 29 Chelsea District Manhattan

At least 29 people have been injured in an explosion in the Chelsea district of New York explosion but None of the injuries is life-threatening but one is serious, the fire comissioner said.

The police said the blast was caused by an explosive device late on Saturday and the cause of the explosion remains unclear. Mayor Bill de Blasio described it as “intentional” but said that there were no known terror links. A second similar device has been discovered and defused, and preliminary investigation is on going.

The Mayor said further that there was no evidence of a link to a pipe bomb explosion in neighbouring New Jersey hours earlier.

The explosion in New York occurred around 21:00 (01:00 GMT on Sunday). Witnesses said people ran in all directions following the “incredibly loud” blast.

Chelsea, one of the most fashionable districts of Manhattan, has bars and restaurants that are crowded in the weekend.

Mr de Blasio said: “We do not see a link to terrorism.” He said it was too early to determine the cause but added: “We believe it was intentional.”

Unconfirmed reports said the blast went off in a dustbin, shattering windows in a nearby building.

Several blocks have been closed down by police.

The New York Police Counterterrorism Bureau confirmed that it was investigating and shared an image on Twitter that appeared to show a damaged dustbin.

The earlier bomb explosion in Seaside Park, New Jersey, on Saturday came shortly before thousands of runners were to participate in a charity race. No injuries were reported there.

Speaking at a rally in Colorado as news of the explosion was coming in, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told supporters that a “bomb” had gone off.

He said: “Nobody knows exactly what’s going on, but boy, we are living in a time – we better get very tough, folks.”

An eye witness said they we were watching Tv when they notice some very bright flash of light, people running away from the scene of the explosion and police vehicle coming from different directions. BBC reports Obama has been informed.

The identity of the injured has not yet been made known, neither have any Nigeria been mentioned as among those injured

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