Lesbianism Booms In Abuja

*Society Ladies, Top Govt. Officials involved

Despite the fact that the nation’s apex lawmaking body, the National Assembly had approved a 14-year jail sentence without option of fine for those that might engage in same sex marriage and other related activities in the country, lesbianism among the high and low in Abuja has become a booming business.
Investigations by watchdog Reporters revealed that there are in existence several lesbian clubs in high brow areas of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT where society ladies, top government officials and politicians practice lesbianism while the low cadre ladies practice theirs in parks and gardens.
In one of the clubs visited by Watchdog Reporters, it was observed that these society ladies whose ages ranged from 40 years and above have girls in their early teens who rob their backs as they sip beer, wine, spirit and other alcoholic drinks accompanied with heavy smoking of cigarettes.
The club situated at Wuse II area of the city center is exclusively for women. Though there is no such notice anywhere around the club, it is a common knowledge that only women of a particular class patronize the club which opens for business between 11pm and 4am.
However, elders of the club, especially those who spend heavily on drinks and small chops are allowed from time to time to bring in male friends who should not be below 50 years. The males are allocated a small dark corner of the club where it would be difficult for them to notice what is going on while music would be played loud enough to prevent one from hearing any other noise especially the moaning of the ladies as they caress and kiss each other deeply.
On Saturday, May 4 to be precise, yours faithfully had an opportunity to be in the club with a 65 year old member of the club who said she has been in the business of lesbianism since her secondary school days.
The journey began at one of the gardens within the city center where we held a business meeting that lasted up to 10pm. At the end of the meeting, it was suggested that we move into a night club for a dinner and all night dance. All night dance for men and women above 50 years would be an interesting show and yours sincerely did not hesitate to go in and dig out some things for his fans and sure, I did see something that moved me to write this piece.
At exactly 12.15 am, my friend, the 65 year old retired civil servant said I should follow her to a place where some people were waiting for her. I asked whether it was not too late for us to be driving around at that wee hour of the day; she said I should not worry “because we are the owners of the city”.
True to her words, we drove to that club without hitches apart from few policemen who after saluting the Jeep we were in collected N200 ‘cola’ and waved at us to continue our journey.
From the entrance of the club to the inner part of it, my friend was being hailed like the king of the forest as she sprayed wands of Naira at each group that stood up to greet her in a particular language that yours sincerely did not quite understand. All the same, we were ushered into the club by men in their early 30s whose heights were not below six feet. Inside the hall were old ladies who cuddled teenagers who were either robbing their backs or feeding them wine and other alcoholic drinks.
As soon as my friend settled into a cushion, one of the men who accompanied us into the hall pulled my hand and pointed towards another direction, I quickly looked back at the madam who nodded, assuring me that all is well. “Ask for whatever you want”, she shouted through the music that was blaring across the hall.
About thirty minutes later, she joined me in a dark spot in the hall where the tall man had taken me to and apologized for keeping me lonely for such a long time. It was then she told me what they do in the club and how it operates. She said it was only people like her that can enter the hall with a male partner.
“You see, this is unofficially a lesbian club, we gather here almost every other day to discuss and have fun. It’s the best way we have carved out for ourselves to socialize and make ourselves relevant in the society”, she told me while sipping from a glass of Hennessey brandy.
“Since my secondary school days, I had more female friends than male friends. This was the reason why I did not and I am not married. I do not even think I should marry again, I think there is just no need for that, I have two children, two boys for that matter, one has just completed his national service so why do I bother about marriage”, she explained.
Asked whether other such clubs exist in Abuja, the lady said “this is just one of many of them. You see, you have to go where you are recognized, we have our different loyalists and you must patronize a place where those kinds of people are. Most of us here are retired and serving civil servants with like mind, the politicians have their own; the business ladies have their own just as a group of single mothers are in one of the clubs pulling weight.”
While she was still talking, a tall slim girl who must be in her early 30s joined us, she knelt down and kissed my friend on the cheek as I looked away shyly, but my friend said politely, “I think we have to go now, it has been a wonderful night. I think we will still meet those oldies dancing so you can spend the rest of the night dancing.”
In less than 30 minutes, we were in the original night club where we had dinner, she dropped me and zoomed off with the tall slim girl to god knows where. I staggered into the hall, find my other oldies still dancing and joined them till the early hours of the day when I took a cab to my house in one of the satellite towns in Abuja.
It would be recalled that while considering a report of a “Bill for an Act to prohibit marriage or Civil Union entered between persons of same sex, solemnization of Same and for other matters related” the House of Representatives placed a 10 year jail term for members of gay associations or those who engage in gay processions.

The lawmakers stated categorically that “any marriage or civil union entered into by persons of same gender is by this piece of legislation prohibited in Nigeria.”

The House resolved that “marriage contract or civil union entered between persons of same gender by virtue of a certificate issued by a foreign country shall be void in Nigeria, and any benefits accruing there from by virtue of the certificate shall not be enforced by any court of law in Nigeria.”

It out rightly prohibited solemnization of same sex marriage in place of worship like church, mosque and traditional place; “Marriage or civil union entered between persons of same gender shall not be solemnized in any place of worship either church or Mosque or in any other place in Nigeria”.

The House insisted that “Only marriage contract between a man and a woman either under Islamic law, Customary law and marriage Act is recoganised as valid in Nigeria”

Describing same sex marriage as an absurdity that should not be allowed into the country, the House ruled that no person(s) should be allowed to operate a gay club saying “any person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organisations, or directly or indirectly make a public show of same sex amorous relationship commits an offence and shall each be liable on convictions to a term of 10 years imprisonment.”
The question being asked by watchdog Reporters is whether the authorities concerned are not aware of these clubs or have they just decided to look the other way? Let somebody answer this question please!


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