Sunday , 3 April 2016
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Be Inspired! House of Tara CEO, Tara Fela-Durotoye features on CNN African Voices

Be Inspired! House of Tara CEO, Tara Fela-Durotoye features on CNN African Voices

Tara Fela-Durotoye, Chief Executive Officer of Africa’s leading beauty brand, House of Tara – who is iconic for setting up the first make up studio and establishing Nigeria’s first make up school in 2004 – spoke to CNN’s African Voices, a weekly show that highlights Africa’s most engaging personalities, exploring the lives and passions of people who are shaping change in Africa.

Since hosting the first ever gathering of makeup professionals in Nigeria, Makeup In Nigeria Conference (MINC) in 2014, Tara has made several appearances on premium global platforms including the New York Forum Africa (NYFA), France24 and Africa 24 by Reuters.

In this interview, Tara shares deep secrets behind her passion, building a business from scratch in Africa and how she has used as a tool for empowering young women to build businesses whilst adding value to the country.

“My story became one of inspiration to others of the possibilities that exist in our country, don’t just get a job, do something that is tied to a purpose. It should be all about purpose,” said Tara Fela-Durotoye. “I started a mentorship program to mentor young girls because to make impact, I need to share my story with the next generation and I always tell my mentees that it’s their responsibility as women to develop other women.”

Speaking on the brand’s achievements, she said; “Today we have about 14 make-up schools across the country where people have been trained to become make-up artists. I can confidently say that for 80 % of the make-up artists that are active players in the industry today, either working as entrepreneurs or working within other beauty brands, are trained by House of Tara. And I think for me that is the greatest joy.”

The feature included appearances from some of her mentees: Gbemisola Adebayo of @hegaiandesther, Arese Ugwu of @smartmoneywitharese, Iroghama Ogbeifun of @hairvenhaircare, Peculiar Beauty, and other brilliant entrepreneurs.

The brand, House of Tara currently has 20 studios in 11 states, with plans to build more studios across Nigeria in the Niger Delta and northern regions. It also has plans to extend across Africa into, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa by the end of 2015.