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Friends Africa Announces 2013 Champions for Global Health

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October 29, 2013


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Friends Africa today proudly announces the 2013 Champions for Global Health; a ground breaking initiative designed to amplify expert voices on the African continent and beyond. The selected Champions are joining a group of highly skilled health advocates and leaders poised at the tip of advocacy and set to target key issues facing Africa’s health some of which include reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

This selection by Friends Africa is in recognition of their outstanding achievements, sterling leadership performance and numerous commitments to the growth and development of Africa’s health. This group is also made up of prominent industry leaders, organizations and individuals from around the world who are breaking new grounds in their respective fields, positively impacting their communities and most importantly willing to lend their voice to a global issue.

During the announcement Dr. Akudo Anyanwu Ikemba, CEO, Friends Africa stated that “at Friends Africa we believe in innovative, impactful and sustainable solutions to Africa’s health and the Champions for Global Health will give us insights into the most critical problems facing Africa as well as solutions and innovations based on their own experiences, research and depth of knowledge”.

The 2013 Champions have been selected from over 50 countries in Africa from all sectors of society including politics and government, the public and private sector, business, arts, culture, civil society, social entrepreneurs and media.

Friends Africa has been at the forefront of advocacy in Africa and we are excited to welcome this new league of champions who are ready to advance the cause of health on the African continent. We believe that a key part to unlocking Africa’s wealth is to further engage Africa’s brightest minds ensuring we develop clear road maps that would help advance health in Africa.

Friends Africa is committed to recognizing and collaborating with individuals, companies and leaders of industry who share our vision and values. We believe that together with these outstanding individuals, we will create an African continent free of AIDS, TB & Malaria. A detailed list of Champions will be announced in December 2013.

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