The live broadcast for Friday 05-01-2018  started at about 11:10am Biafran time with the host and anchor of the day’s broadcast, the learned and charismatic Mazi Clifford Chukwuemeka Okereke Iroanya welcoming Biafrans and humanity to the broadcast from the RBi studio in Houston Texas, USA.
The system/structure of education to be practised in Biafran land when restored was chosen as the center of discussion during the broadcast.
The broadcast continued with the host making a special emphasis on the fact that the so-called “killer Fulani herdsmen” are actually members of the MACBAN with MACBAN standing for Miyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria which incidentally has President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, as her Life Patron.
The host thus says that the killings of these Christian minorities in the Southern and Middle axis of Nigeria will definitely continue as far as Buhari remains the President of the country.
The host actually noted that today is an NKWO market day in the whole of Biafra land.
The host actually noted that the oil spillage in Ogoni land will continue as far as the contraption called Nigeria remains and thus states that the only solution that will stop oil spills in Ogoni land is the coming of the Sovereign State of Biafra.
The host equally invited the usual RBi news caster, NwaAda Chidinma Onu to read the news headlines of the day from her usual base in Manchester, UK.
The contents of the news headlines of the day include:-
(1) Fulani herdsmen: Abia women protest invasion of farmlands
(2) Nigeria: Further Delay in Ogoni Clean-Up Genocidal, Mosop Tells Govt
(3) Wicked Satan called Buhari’ sent his people to kill Benue indigenes – Asari Dokubo
(4) Why Buhari can’t arrest Fulani herdsmen – Omokri
(5) NNPC loses N900 million daily to sell petrol at N145 – Kachikwu
(6) Buhari sleeping on duty, herdsmen will cause war Middle Belt youths lament ‘genocide’
The host while analysing the news headlines of the day tasked Biafrans to always replace Fulani herdsmen with MACBAN when ever they are writing on any platform as MACBAN are the killer gang(s) killing people all over the country. He says that the sad thing is that the government of Nigeria led by the Life Patron of MACBAN, President Mohammadu Buhari, is doing nothing to stop the massive killing of innocent people by his MACBAN killing gang.
Mazi Ikechukwu Nwaorisa while speaking on the news headlines of the day wondered why Abia Women should be taking their protests to the Government House when they know that Buhari is using the Police and State Governments of the country to protect MACBAN.
He is also sad at the docile nature of our people who have not found it worthy to defend themselves against their continued massacre by the MACBAN authorities.
Celestine Emeka called from Ghana as the first caller of the day. He is calling to say that “you people should stop and come together as there is only one IPOB and any one without the names of Nnamdi Kanu makes people to loose hope and that even their IPOB meeting in Ghana is dying as people are losing bay” since RBi came on air.
However, every attempt made by the host to the caller (Celestine Emeka) to respond to the topic of the day’s discussion was met with brick walls as the caller kept ranting about Nnamdi Kanu and how this station is making IPOB under him to lose out as according to him “the listenership of Nnamdi Kanu’s Radio Biafra London is weaning by the day”
Mazi JC John Nnanna calls next from his base in Malaysia. He is calling to say that this station and the IPOB-led by DOS has truly done great things for this struggle and thus says that he is very happy that the above bodies have stopped the mentality of referring to a mortal man as a “Supreme Leader.”
He equally tasked our people in USA on the need to make our case on the ethnic cleansing going on in Biafra Land and the Middle Belt to the UN for her immediate actions.
Mazi Ndefrik Udom calls next from Biafra land. He is calling to say that he is very happy each time he listens to RBi as there are a lot of information to learn from RBi.
He  thus spoke on MACBAN and the fact that it is through RBi that he got to know that the true name of the killer gangs in Nigeria is MACBAN and not “Fulani herdsmen” as the Nigeria media will want to present the kill gangs to be known as.
He also sent his greetings to Mazi Chukwukadibia Igwenagu  who is a regular caller on this station from Enugu State,  Biafra land. He equally tasked Biafrans on the need to always listen to Radio Biafra International as it is a platform to enable us to have our nation, Biafra restored.
He also asked if the opening of “Radio Nigeria Hausa Service” by Radio Biafra London or IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu is a good move?
The host in responding said that although he does not know what motivated the operators of the new station but that he believes in one saving himself first before saving others as it is a well known fact that charity begins at home. He therefore says that he had expected the Nnamdi Kanu-led IPOB to focus on saving Biafrans first before the minorities of the Northern axis of the contraption called Nigeria.
He also says that it is quite wrong that the station is not even named “Radio Biafra Hausa Service but Radio Nigeria Hausa Service”
Mazi Daniel Dike called next. He was calling to advise the first caller of the day (Celestine Emeka) to rather reach out to Nnamdi Kanu and advise him rightly to do the needful as advising RBi to him is a very wrong approach.
He also spoke on the reason why Biafra and Biafrans must have a very unique educational system that is oriented towards Job opportunity creation and not dependent on Job seeking.
He equally called on Biafrans to learn to safe-guard their lives and their communities by adopting self-defence mechanism.
Mazi Ikechukwu Nwaorisa came  back to speak on the type of educational system and structure that we should have in Biafra land. He thus said that education and the teaching profession will be given a top priority in Biafra land.
He continued by saying that knowledge is the only factor of production that is not subjected to the law of diminishing return.
He thus says that military training for all Biafran children, from primary school level,  will be given top priority since Biafrans are surrounded by enemies so that they can defend themselves from all enemies.
He equally believes in domesticating the educational system in Biafra land to be modeled after the Malaysian educational system and structure.
Mazi Ogugua equally called during the broadcast to add his voice to the need for Biafra to have an exceptional educational system that is not corrupted like that of Nigeria.
The host finally brought the broadcast to an end at about 01:40pm Biafran time after calling on Elder Diala Opara-Njoku to say the closing prayer.

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