Tuesday , 24 March 2015
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EFCC Signs MoU With Global Fund

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with the Office of the Inspector General of the Global Fund to facilitate exchange of information on fraud and abuse of office in relation to grant programs managed by the Global Fund targeted at fighting Tuberculosis and Malaria in Nigeria.

Under the MoU which was signed on behalf of the Fund and the Commission by the duo of Norbert Hauser, head of the office of the Inspector General, Global Fund and Ibrahim Lamorde, Chairman, EFCC, respectively, both parties will cooperate by providing information and intelligence to each other, which may help in the investigation and prosecution of anyone suspected of engaging in fraud and abuse of Global Fund grant funds and related criminal activity.

Terms of the agreement stipulates that both parties will consult regularly, in particular to exchange information regarding new areas of potential cooperation and other joint activities falling within their respective mandates. All information exchanged will be treated as strictly confidential.

The Memorandum stipulates that any information exchanged will not be used as evidence in any judicial proceedings without the express prior consent of the party providing that information.

In addition to exchanging financial and criminal intelligence, both parties may cooperate in other ways, including the exchange of general information regarding fraud, abuse and other economic crimes.

Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, who said the Commission is not just helping the Global Fund in signing the MoU, said “What we are doing is helping ourselves. It is our moral obligation to give you our support and cooperation.”

On his part, Hauser said that the signing of the Memorandum with Nigeria, a country where Global Fund grants are being distributed on a large scale, is sequel to similar agreements with Malawi and Tanzania. “This is also an expression of country ownership in its most positive form”, he explained.

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    Reaction to the exchange has been predictable. Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker, for instance, was outraged at Ryan. To say that faith informs everything you do is “disturbing and scary,” Gopnik insisted. “That’s a shocking answer a mullah’s answer, what those scary Iranian ‘Ayatollahs’ he kept referring to when talking about would say as well.”
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    Wilson was ever in search of questions that would help explain human nature. Nowhere was his contribution more vital than in the area of policing, where he pioneered the so-called broken windows theory, which guided police departments across the country as they revamped their approach to crime and saw enormous gains as a consequence.

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    In the Lake District, two Renault Twizys, based at The Langdale Hotel, Ambleside, are available to hire from 10 an hour, as part of the GoLakes programme, backed with 6.9 million of funds from the Department for Transport and aimed at boosting sustainable travel.
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    However, in December 2011, the company announced it would not expand its networks’ reach beyond what it had originally planned. Nevertheless, Verizon spokesman Bill Kula told Mashable that his company’s competition is fierce. “We compete head-to-head in a very aggressive fashion. It’s combat on the street, guerrilla warfare.” Kula confirmed, though, that there are no plans to offer FiOS in markets where Verizon lacks existing relationships with customers. In other words, if Verizon isn’t already in your city, don’t expect it to come anytime soon ?? although, Kula said the company will evaluate expansion in upcoming months.
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    Despite remarkably little regulation in the United States, surrogacy agencies and clinics have adopted a fairly common set of practices and standards, including psychological screening, counselling and support services. Research consistently shows that US surrogates are not impoverished or motivated by financial concerns, and are largely satisfied with their experience.
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