Dealing Clerks to undergo Continuous Professional Development

Lagos, Nigeria -The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has concluded arrangements to carry out its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training for dealing clerks in the Nigerian Capital Market. The programme is scheduled to take place at The Stock Exchange Building in Marina Lagos on March 15, 2014.

Speaking on the development, The Exchange’s Acting Head of Market Operations, Mr. Ade Ewuosho said that the objective of the workshop was to provide practising stockbrokers with a strong grounding in the advanced functionalities of the New Trading System (X-GEN), and a detailed understanding of the New Market structure recently introduced in late 2013. The sessions will also offer brokers an insight into how to reach the retail market using new technology implemented with XGEN.

According to Ewuosho, “The broad-based programme will also provide the participants with an opportunity to hone in their existing skills as well as interact with other stockbrokers to deepen their knowledge of the new system. This will be the first CPD programme since the Exchange went live on their new platform in September 2013. Emphasis will focus on the Market participants, minimum operating requirements amongst other new developments in the capital Market”.

He spoke further on the benefits of the programme which he said were aimed at keeping participants current with up to date information and trends relevant to their field, build their confidence and enhance the professionalism of working in the Nigerian Capital Market.

Continuing education programs benefit both businesses and workers; businesses encourage continuing education in order to sustain a highly skilled and specialized workforce –one with the skills to perform a variety of tasks or workers with “cross-functional” skills. Dealing Clerks, on the other hand, may receive promotions, gain more power in the job market, or become more valuable employees by enrolling for continuing-education programs.

Dealing Clerks who upgrade their work skills and knowledge not only can keep up with the latest technologies and business techniques, but they also can receive other benefits, such as the training needed to climb the corporate ladder and to realize additional career goals. One of the greatest benefits workers may derive from continuing education is simply keeping their jobs.


March 6, 2013

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