Criminal Acts of Gtb Against Innoson

 “You deducted humongous amounts from your customer’s account. The customer found out that you have been deducting money from his account illegally. He alerted you denied it, both of you agreed to hire an independent auditor to audit the customer’s account and the transactions thereof.
The independent auditor found out that indeed you have been deducting monies from your customer’s account illegally.
They reconciled the sum and handed the reports to both of you. The amount you stole is in excess of 4m dollars (the prevailing exchange rate as at then).
You still not satisfied, went ahead to hire your own auditor to audit the same account. Your auditor still reported that monies were missing in the customer’s account but that it is not exactly the amount reported by the independent auditors, slightly lower around 3m dollars.
Then you went back to your customer and agreed that you illegally stole his money but that it is not up to what he is claiming.
Your customer agreed for the sake of peace and asked you to pay back with 22% interest which is the same rate you are charging him in the credit facility you gave him.
You said No! that you want to pay 7%, the customer said No that if he is paying you 22% interest rate that you should pay the same rate for the one you illegally stole. You refused to pay.
Your customer took the case to court, he won the judgement in the court.
The court ordered you to pay back his money plus all the accruing interests and damages which amounted to about 40m dollars.
You appealed the judgement to a higher court, the judgement from the lower court was upheld by the appeal court.
You went for a plea bargain, you told the customer that you’ll go insolvent and ultimate bankrupt should you pay him.
Your customer is a businessman himself and a CEO of a company that produces cars, services warships and fighter jets. He understood what it means for you to pay the money in cash. He asked you to convert the money to shares in your corporation.
You blatantly refused!
You still not satisfied, appealed to the supreme court and the supreme court is yet to deliver judgement on that.
You being desperate and knowing that the supreme court will likely uphold the judgments of the two courts.
Being a bigger corporation than your customer and with links in the federal government.
You went to report the matter to a Federal Agency responsible for graft and financial crimes, the EFCC.
The agency which has turned itself into a roguery agency. Invaded your customer’s home and arrested him when you were actually wrong!
His kinsmen and other well-meaning citizens read the details of your case with him and found out that you are using federal power to intimidate a man who has shown that it is possible to cite indigenous car production company in their region. By that employs thousands of people in that region.
They started a massive online and offline campaign against your corporation with a hashtag #BoycottGTBank, #CloseYourAccountsInGTbank.
They are doing that as a way to fight back and give voice to a man who has given them many reasons to be proud of their region.
By Romson Abia”

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