Tuesday , 24 March 2015
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Akhigbe, a fine Officer and Selfless Leader-PDM

The Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM, has described as a monumental loss to Nigeria the death of former Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral Mike Okhai Akhigbe, 68, whom the Party eulogised as a selfless nationalist and patriot.
Speaking through his Media Advisor, Alaba Yusuf, the PDM National Chairman, Mallam Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim, said Akhigbe’s demise was another big blow for a country that has, of recent, lost too many exemplary leaders.
Ibrahim praised the bravery and courage of the former Ondo State Military Governor and former Chief of General Staff in the General Abdusallam Abubakar’s Government for his role in the handover of power to an elected civilian administration in 1999.
“He was key to that vital decision that saw to the take off of our democracy and returned Nigeria to civilian government. For his selfless, altruistic and patriotic disposition, we salute him and mourn his death. We also commiserate with members of his family and the good people of Edo State on the loss of a breadwinner and illustrious son.

May God grant them the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss. Solace is that he lived a good life and bequeathed an enduring legacy of true statesmanship to his fellow countrymen and women,” Ibrahim prayed.
“Vice Admiral Akhigbe was a fine officer, a gentleman, great family man and an outstanding public figure,” Ibrahim added.

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