Abuja Based Businesswoman Drags Navy to Court over ‘Undue Interference’ to Please Officer’s Lover


Written by Ben-Bright Mkpuma

An Abuja based businesswoman, Mrs. Nora Collins Ejorh has dragged the chief of Naval staff to court over an alleged harassment and threat to her life, emanating from a failed business transaction, involving Ejorh, Queenette Ahaolu and one Tobi.

Others joined in the suit are the chief of Naval staff, Captain (NN) D.H Moses and Queenette Ahaolu.  This is emanating from a failed business transaction involving Mrs. Collins Ejorh, Queenette Ahaolu and one Mr. Tobi.

The suit is also a “perpetual injunction restraining the respondents from further harassing, intimidating, coercing and threatening the life  Mrs. Collins Ejorh on account of failed business transaction between the third respondent and one Mr. Tobi”.

In a motion M/1386/13 filed on 04/12/2013, Mrs Ejorh accused one Navy Captain NN Moses of unduly interfering in a failed business transaction involving her and Ms Queenette Ahaolu. She is asking an Abuja federal court to stop the chief of Naval staff and all his agents from harassing and intimidating her in a failed business that she knew nothing about.

In the suit filed by  Ejorh’s  counsel, Barriester Esther Uzoma of the Heptagon & Associates, Abuja, she declared that the continued threat to the life Collins Ejorh by Captain Moses “is wrongful and an infringement on her right to life as provided for in section 33 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) and Article 4 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Right (Ratification and Enforcement Act) CAP10 LEN 1999.

Barriester Esther Uzoma who cited section 35(1) and 41 (1) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as Amended), demanded for the sum of N10 million only, being “exemplary damages against the respondents for thr pain, anxiety and emotional distress their actions have caused Mrs. Collins Ejorh”

In her affidavit in support of the motion on notice, Mrs. Collins Ejorh narrated that “sometime in October 2012, Queenette Ahaolu whom l assisted when she needed accommodation to write an interview in Abuja called me and said she needed a car to buy.

“That third respondent asked for my assistance persistently to link her someone who can get for her.

“That after much persuasion and pleas from the third respondent, l mentioned her request to one Mr. Tobi who at that time was involved in the importation of cars.

“That l obliged the third respondent the contact of the said car dealer, Mr. Tobi after which they proceeded in their business negotiations without me and after the third respondent did her due diligence search.

“That to my greatest surprise, the third called me after a few months to inform me that Mr. was yet deliver the car she asked him to purchase for her and for which she gave him the sum of Two million naria (N2, 000, 000.00).

“That out of concern, l called the said Mr. Tobi to find out what the problem was and in answer Mr. narrated his ordeal and financial constraints and also stated that he explained same to the respondent.

“That when the third respondent complained again that the said Mr. Tobi was yet to deliver the car, l advised her to that the case should be reported to the police to which she agreed and the case was reported.

“That further to that l made several efforts to get the said Mr. Tobi arrested but the third respondent was very reluctant to proceed with the arrest and l was advised by the Nigerian police that l lack the capacity to effect the arrest of Mr. Tobi since he did not negotiate with me nor paid any money whatsoever to me in connection with the said transaction above.

“That l equally suggested that the case be reported to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)  so that that Mr. Tobi would be tracked down.

“That sometime in July 2013 l received a call that my attention was needed at the Port Harcourt office office of the EFCC.

“That l innocently flew down to Port Harcourt hoping to assist the third respondent in the quest for her car or money from Mr. Tobi.

“That to my Chargrin, l was arrested at the EFCC for duping the third respondent (Queenette Ahaolu) who had turned turned the entire story against me”, narrated Collins Ejorh, adding that the period she was compelled by the Port Harcourt office of the commission to be reporting every two weeks was the “most painful in my life as l risked my life moving from Abuja to Port Harcourt and expended huge sums of money on transportation”.

“The worst aspect of this experience is the devastating effect it had on my marriage as l lost a pregnancy during that  period and was abandoning a one –year plus old son to report to EFCC at Port Harcourt”, said Mrs. Collins Ejorh, adding that the commission freed her on the condition she  will serve as witness any time she is called upon.


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