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WATCHDOGREPOTERS.NET is a premier news and current affairs resource centre for everyone who desires to know current events in Africa and around the world. Through our website, we help to inform and educate our readers and keep them updated with news breaks.

For advertisers, we deliver unparalleled access to an affluent, sophisticated, knowledgeable group around the world with a common uniting passion-news and current affairs. We hope you find everything on this site you need to assist in your media planning. This website gives us the opportunity to bring you the most up-to-date information and news about happenings around Africa and the rest of the world, editorial calendar updates and many more.

ABOUT WATCHDOGREPORTERS.NET  is an independent online news magazine created to bring about more professionalism in online Journalism. It has no affiliation with any political party, ethnic groups; religious or social groups within the United States or anywhere in the is primarily committed to the freedom of speech, the fundamental human rights and the journalism ethical responsibility of balance reporting.
Basically, we are out to promote developmental Journalism and create an enabling environment for people to be able to interact, share opinions and proffer solutions to the many political, social and economic problems facing Nigeria and Africa at large.


  • We Break The News
  • We are a team of professionals with knack for accurate and balance reporting
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  • We offer opportunities for people to express their opinions delivers readers who are drawn to quality, innately curious about in-depth news and current affairs around the world and especially Africa.

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