Sunday , 3 April 2016
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Let’s Use Sports to Unite Nigeria, Says Prof. Solarin

Let’s Use Sports to Unite Nigeria, Says Prof. Solarin

The Director General of the National Mathematical Centre, Sheda- Abuja Professor Adewale Solarin has advised Nigerians to use sports as at way of uniting the country.

The Don who spoke at the National Mathematical Centre Sheda, Abuja at weekend during the finals of the Unity football competition sponsored by his centre for football clubs in Kwali Area Council of the FCT, said  Nigerians should embrace only those things that unite the nation, and leave those that disunites and cause various rancours among the citizens.
He said that sports, especially football is one of the things that brings the country together irrespective of ethnics or religious background “whenever the country’s football team is playing, we all forget about where we come from or our religion, and support the team to win. That shows that football has become an important feature of our country, and should be embraced by all corporate bodies and individuals”
He said that the country has never lacked of good and quality athletes, but improper administration has been the bane of the country in major global competitions” to prepare an Olympic medalist will take an average of 16 years, which means that every serious minded country starts preparing their Olympic medalist from the age of four. When you start training the athlete at that age, and intensify that training for another eight years, at the age of sixteen, the athlete is already a potential olympic gold medalist. But here in Nigeria, the reverse is always the case. Our athletes embrace the game at old age, which makes it difficult for them to compete favourably with other younger athletes at major events like the Olympics. Now another Olympic is already around the corner, Nigeria do not even know if we would be there, talkless of winning medals”.

Professor Solarin said that sports is science, and every aspect of it should be approach scientifically “sprint is all about motion, and should be build on the athletes at a tender age. This is very important, because that is the period they are forming their posture. The issue of fire brigade does not pay in sports. It needs proper planning, and that is why our administrators should be up doing at every point in time”.
 He was full of praises for the teams that participated in the tournament which saw the Dabi United FC defeating the Bolgoro FC of Kwali by two goals to one.

Among the dignitaries that watched the match Kwali Area council Chairman Daniel Ibrahim and members of his Executive Council, th

The Chairman of the FCT Football Association, Alhaji Musa Saeed Talle has frowned at ways the Nigeria Football Federation has totally neglected the Association in the realms of football activities in the country.
Alhaji Talle spoke in Abuja at 2016 FCT Match Commissioners seminar.  The match commissioners had expressed disgust over their continual payment and attendance of the NFF annual match commissioners seminar with many of them not been appointed for matches all through the season. “There are many of us who have attending the seminar organized by the NFF for the past four to five football seasons, without been appointed to commission any match. But we have seen a situation where various individuals from other states are appointed to commission matches in the various leagues on weekly basis. If the NFF collect our money on yearly basis, and train us, they should also give us the opportunity to put in practice what we have learnt” they said in their presentation to FA.
Reacting, the FCT FA Chairman Alhaji Musa Talle who declared the Match Commissioners Seminar open, expressed his disappointment on how the NFF has neglected football stakeholders in FCT in the administration of football in country “If I tell you that I am happy with the ways the NFF is treating us here in FCT, It is all lies. I cannot continue   to say that all is well. I have  written to the Federation severally to complain on this, but I hardly receive any positive response. It is very pathetic that with the quality of qualified stakeholders we have in FCT, the NFF hardly find us competent in their various activities and committees. We are not saying that they should abandon others for FCT, but to always give us equal opportunities with others. We want fair play which is what the game is all about, we want justice and equity in the realm of things”. He promised the commitment of his FA in the development of the game in the country.Over 50 match commissioners in FCT attended the seminar.
In the another development, the FCT FA Chairman Alhaji Musa Talle has called on the various football stakeholders in the country to support the FA in its quest to develop the game from the grassroots. Alhaji Talle made the statement in Gwagwalada at the weekend when he reconstitute the Gwagwalada Football Council. He stated that for Nigeria to attain its full potentials in the game of football, that more attention should be paid to the development of grassroots football.
Quoting his words, Alhaji Talle said “we cannot continue to pay lip services to the development of football at the grassroots. The corporate bodies and individuals should come out to empower the youths. The government alone cannot do it, it should be an all embracing one”. He commended the past Board of the Gwagwalada Football Council for laying a good foundation for the game of football in the Area Council “this is very evident because in the last three football seasons, Gwagwalada teams always play to the final rounds of the FCT Super League. This shows that the Football Council really achieved”. He advised the newly reconstituted Board to avoid any rancor that can bring the game to disrepute in the Council. Ubale Babanginda representing the All Stars was elected as the new Chairman