Thursday , 28 January 2016
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Dangote is Today World’s Richest Black Man With $16.1billion

The New York-based Forbes magazine had not deemed it fit to include an African south of the Sahara in its List of Worlds Billionaires in its 100-year history until 2008 when the name of Nigerias Aliko Dangote appeared worth $3.3billion. In 2011, Alikos fortune jumped to astronomical $13.8 billion, a 544 % increase in the history of wealth creation. Today, this African is the worlds richest black person worth $16.1 billion.

How did he achieve this feat? What were the sources of his wealth? How did a -56-year old half orphan, who grew up in the arid dessert of Kano, northern Nigeria, invest a- $500 loan and turn it into the largest business conglomerate in Nigeria and West Africa in 36 years?.

The authors of this book were in Africa for 16 months to investigate the story of this billionaire. The book is purely an independent research and a seminal work by the authors, who managed to resist censorship during their field work, and succeeded in presenting readers Aliko Dangotes secrets of success which aspiring business people can learn from in the life history of Aliko Dangote, especially on how to start small and grow big. This is the first and only authoritatively-researched and comprehensively-investigated biography of Aliko Mohammad Dangote, the richest black person in the world.

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