10 activities that make Xmas a memorable experience In Nigeria

The month of December is the most festive month in the world. And among all the festivals held on that month, Christmas happens to be the most famous.

In Nigeria, we celebrate Christmas and adding to our African way and methods, our celebration tends to be very special and memorable. Below are 10 Activities that makes our Christmas unforgettable in Nigeria.

  1. Traveling to our villages (hometown) In search of greener pastures, many Nigerians tends to leave their state if origin to other states, Xmas sometimes happens to be the only time they have to travel and see their relations. It’s very special because you will see people you haven’t seen for a longtime
  2. Returning of relations and friends. For those of us that are not opportune to travel, they will gladly wait and welcome their relatives who have traveled. They even make sure the house is neat and decorated so that their incoming relations will have a memorable stay.
  3. Amazing Christmas decorations There is always a joyful feeling, when we see Christmas decorations everywhere. Some state governors are good in this aspect. Christmas light everywhere and also other wonderful declarations.
  4. Vacations/holidays No school will be in session, and even office workers will be given holiday break. There will be free time for a very mighty celebration all across the country. Nobody will say that he/she is busy. (Except the doctors of course Lol)
  5. Carnivals and masquerades December is know to be a month of great festivals. Many states/ Churches even streets host their numerous carnivals and they are always making sense. Masquerade on other hands isn’t excluded. The are also given the opportunity to showcase their talents and powers and all these adds to why we can never forget Christmas.
  6. Promos You must have heard of Christmas Promos. Every shop/companies both online on offline sometimes reduces their prices in the spirit of Xmas. We sometimes hear “oya bring money, let me do Christmas for you”.
  7. Gifts from many people We usually receive gifts from our friends/parents/customers/wife’s/uncles/etc during Christmas. Although sometimes the gifts are small, but it worth the celebration.
  8. Hamattern That rare feeling in which everywhere becomes dry, cold and dusty, your cloths dries within 30mins of washing, and our bodies turns white (Lol). Hamttern is one of the best natural activities that makes Christmas a wonderful and memorable festive seasons.
  9. Fireworks/knockout/bangers How can Christmas be complete without knockout in Nigeria? In fact, these are one of the top reasons why Xmas can’t be taken for granted by our teens.

Although sometimes it’s dangerous, but it’s really nice if its monitored by an adult. 31th is really unforgettable because of fireworks and bangers.

  1. Santa Claus Santa Claus also know in Nigeria as Father Christmas is the best and unforgettable aspect of Xmas. Nigerians kids love Santa soo much that they disturb parents to take then the any Xmas shows to see Father Christmas

Sources: Naija.ng

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